Size: 5mm
Material: sterling silver

Packaging: luxury presentation box with botanical information card about the flowers preserved inside.

Sprouting up merrily in grassy hollows, I carefully collected a small handful of buttercups from the Highland town of Braemar. Known for the unusual and quirky, Braemar is one of my favourite places to explore in the Highlands. Once home, I carefully sorted each buttercup petal for quality and vibrance before pressing them and preserving them into these enchanting dainty studs using my eco friendly crystal clear resin. 

In Scotland, the buttercup is used in a short game which has been played for generations amongst Scots - if you pick a buttercup and hold it under another persons chin, if the mustard yellow of the flower reflects on the skin then it is confirmation that the person does indeed "like butter". 

Buttercup petal 925 sterling silver resin studs