Pendant size: 16mm
Material: sterling silver, eco friendly resin
Hand picked from: Loch Ness, Inverness, Scotland

Packaging: luxury gift box, botanical information card, optional gift bag, care instructions and thank you message all wrapped up in green tissue paper with a custom printed box


Loch Ness has captured the imaginations of Scots and people from all over the world for generations with the idea that a monster could exist in our overly busy world. On coming across a patch of abundant dandelion clocks, I carefully collected several handfuls, storing them in the glove box of my car before driving home and beginning the process of preserving these whimsical little seeds into jewellery to share. Each little seed was carefully separated and encapsulated in my crystal clear, eco friendly resin. I have always had a fascination for Loch Ness and all things crypto and I like to imagine that perhaps the little seeds caught a glimpse of something shimmering in the water...

Large dandelion seed globe resin sphere drop earrings with crystal